Port-O-Jam Sound System @ The Chambers First Friday every month

Port-O-Jam is a revival Reggae sound system based in Folkestone, Kent. Built by three old school friends who got into reggae music in the late 60's, the sound provides musical access to the bygone sound of Jamaican music in venues around the SE Kent area.



was one of Sir Coxsone Dodd's lesser known imprints - used for calypso, mento and jazz LPs. With the possible exception of Tabernacle ( a gospel imprint) it remains one of the rarest Jamaican labels of the early 1960s. The Cecil Lloyd group featuring Don Drummond on trombone and Roland Alphonso on tenor released a couple of jazz LPs on Port-o-Jam about 1962. One was bootlegged a few years back, with one mising track and one new and intrusive new tune stuck on in its place. Six tracks from the original LP survived - this is one of them. The song is an old Spanish tune "Aquellos Ojos Verde" first recorded in 1929, that was a hit for Jimmy Dorsey in 1941 umbrella.


Ska - Rocksteady

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